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We wanted to make the anatomy of the brain beautiful. We wanted to make it fun and understandable. Here is the anatomy of romantic love:

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Brain anatomy and physiology can help you understand yourself. This tour will help you, especially when you are in the early stages of romantic love. We are scientists, not astrologists, psychics, or kitchen witches. We don’t read tea leaves to tell you why you fall in love. We’re not even love advisers, or wise friends giving advice. We’re not therapists, either. We help people manage love in a different way. We offer an educational and fun look at the surprising science behind romance and love. Anatomy and physiology are the basis of your behavior. This will give you insights into yourself that will help you manage. We offer easy brain science, but we’re the “real deal.” We did the science. We give the TED talks about it, and we can help you understand why you feel the way you do. Whether you are currently in love, wondering if you will ever fall in love, losing the spark, or coping with heartbreak, we can help you understand and manage. Brain science can help you understand. You see, love is not just an emotion or feeling like euphoria and happiness. It is like hunger or thirst. That’s why it’s hard to control. Watch the Brain Tour video and find out all about it.

Who we are:

We are a pair of scientists, Lucy Brown and Helen Fisher, who are eager to help you enjoy life and knowledge. We want you to see the root of your feelings, to understand and manage them. We love neuroanatomy and want to teach others to love it and see its importance.

Lucy is a Clinical Professor in Neurology at New York’s Einstein College of Medicine. She holds a PhD in Experimental/Physiological Psychology from NYU. At Einstein, she spent more than 20 years as Director of the Laboratory for Functional Neuroanatomy and Movement Disorders, and has pioneered numerous groundbreaking studies on the neuroscience of romantic love.

Helen is a PhD Biological Anthropologist and a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute. Her work focuses on the evolution, brain systems, and cross-cultural patterns of romantic love, marriage, divorce, and infidelity. She is considered one of the leading experts in the field of love, and served as Chief Scientific Advisor for She has received the prestigious “Distinguished Service Award” from the American Anthropological Association. She has published books titled Anatomy of Love, Why We Love, and Why Him Why Her? Her TED talks have been viewed by millions, and she is a TED STAR speaker.